Was Griner trade a good prisoner swap?: Letters – Orange County Register

2023-01-03 13:04:40 By : Mr. Ruifuer Wan

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Was Griner trade a good prisoner swap?: Letters – Orange County Register

Checkmate Putin in this global chess match

Putin knew what he had the minute he received the news of Brittney at the airport. An ace up his sleeve to play at any time he liked to his advantage. Too bad one side was playing chess and the other side checkers.

The good and the bad of it

Getting any American home from Russia’s jails is always a good thing. But only Biden would accept a swap for a basketball player for an arms dealer responsible for the deaths of thousands. Of course this is the same president who was responsible for the 13 members of our soldiers killed in Afghanistan due to his hasty withdrawal from there, not to mention the unknown thousands of American allies left behind. Is he really that weak or are we so weak under Sleepy Joe that he could not have gotten a Marine back?

I think it was a very bad decision to only trade Ms. Griner without including Mr. Whelan. If Russia said no to both being released then the trade should not have gone through. I’m sorry that Griner was arrested, but it was her fault in the first place.

She is an intelligent person and she should have checked. Our country did a disservice to Whelan and his family. Bout, an animal, was released to prey upon the world again by selling deadly arms to the highest bidder. In this case in not including Whelan, then no American should have been freed.

Was the trade worth it? We won’t know if the weapons dealer of death goes back to his old trade and people die as a result of his release.

I would like to ask Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, if the Russians arrest another basketball player would he leave the Marine behind again? What a great message to our troops.

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Was Griner trade a good prisoner swap?: Letters – Orange County Register

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