Der-PE series central filter filter dust collector

                           DER-PE DUST COLLECTORDust collection WayReasonable way of dust collection is the key to smoke purification system, must adapt to the actual working condition of dust co

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                           DER-PE DUST COLLECTOR

Der-PE Series Central Type Cartridge Filter Dust Collector

Dust collection Way

Reasonable way of dust collection is the key to smoke purification system, must adapt to the actual working condition of dust collection way. 
The commonly used manual welding smoke and dust collection methods including suction arm, environmental protection welding torch, dust cover and so on; Commonly used way of robot welding smoke and dust collection, including robot welding room, dust cover and so on; In addition, the complex working conditions for large workshop welding smoke purification, overall ventilation dust removal may be adopted. The following is my company under various working conditions for dust collection case: 

Der-PE Series Central Type Cartridge Filter Dust Collector
Der-PE Series Central Type Cartridge Filter Dust Collector
Der-PE Series Central Type Cartridge Filter Dust Collector

According to our experience, combined with a similar success stories, this scheme adopts the source of dust collection way, collect smoke by the flexible fume extraction arm from the source directly. 

2.4 The introduction of the dust collection method

Among the dust collection method, from the source to collect smoke is the most effective way to collect, as long as the premise of site conditions allowed, we should first consider purification from the source. 

We recommended the way of collecting dust suction arm, under the effect of smoke exhaust fan, the cover mouth of suction arm can produce uniform surface and negative pressure zone, before smoke spread, the dust collection process is finished. The extraction arm can rotate 360 °, hover at any position, flexible and convenient operation. 

. The introduction for the PE SERIES muti-cartridge filter dust colllector 

DER-PE Efficient filter cartridge dust collector    

PE efficient filter cartridge dust collector use modular systematic comprehensive production system, improve the product quality. Equipment using advanced internal fold type filter cartridge as the filter element, compared with the traditional pulse bag filter, it can remove tiny fibrous dust and has the advantages of small volume, big filter area, high dust collection efficiency, low pressure loss, reliable operation, long service life. 
Widely used in machining, casting, chemical, ceramics, brake materials processing, powder spraying and other industries of dust control and recovery as well as the welding smoke purification, after treatment the gas could reach the national emission standards, is a new form of pulse dust catcher .

Der-PE Series Central Type Cartridge Filter Dust Collector

*Function characteristics:

1)Low emission concentration, can the filter the dust smaller than 0.2 um.
2)Good permeability, low gas resistance.
3)Soot is convenient, automatic dust clean; Ensure the continuity of production and efficiency.
4)Dust collection container is convenient to disassemble, compact connection with filter funnel, dust does not leak.
5)Filter cylinder surface is smooth, good waterproof and oil proof performance. 
6)Vertical installation for filter cartridge, compared with the traditional series with filter cartridge lateral or oblique installation way, counter blowing clean more thoroughly.

Technical parameters: 
Modelairflow(m³/h)cartridge filter Q'tyValve specificationValve Q'tyDimension(mm)
LHWair inlet dia

Der-PE Series Central Type Cartridge Filter Dust Collector

Der-PE Series Central Type Cartridge Filter Dust Collector

The working principle of the dust collector 

Dust gas into the filter housing through the lower inlet, from down to up, due to the effect of gravity and downdraughts, the larger dust particles down to inside the ash hopper directly, the tiny dust was capture on the surface of the filter cartridge, the clean gas purification by filter cartridge filter, through the filter tube center into the clean room, then exhaust out. 

With filter conditions continue, the dust gathered on the surface of the filter cartridge more and more, the pulse controller according to the set of pulse cycle and pulse interval control solenoid valve open, jet high pressure gas, blow into the filter cylinder cavity, shake off the appearance dust, fall into the ash hopper.

Automatically Clean for Cartridge Filter

Cartridge cleaning by blowing device controlled by the pulse controller implementation: when the unit operation after a period of time, the subtle dust adsorption on the surface of the filter material, reduces the permeability of the filter material. At regular intervals by the pulse signal controller, control solenoid valve, clean compressed air spit out from the valve mouth; Adsorption on the surface of the filter material under the action of dust in the air is cleared, fall in the dust hopper at the bottom of the chamber body. Pulse injection should be 0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa cleaning compressed air and must remain in the operation of the continuous and constant air supplies. 

Performance characteristics of the cartridge filter: 

1. The filter material used flexure, layout density, dust collector structure is compact, small size, filter material toughness. 
2. Cartridge height is small, easy installation, use small maintenance workload. 
3.With filter filtration area is relatively large volume, filtering wind speed is small, the resistance is not big. 
4.The filter material sealing strictly on both ends of the flexure, not leak, good sealing effect. 

We use vertical installation for filter cartridge, compared with the filter cartridge lateral or oblique installation way, counter blowing clean more thoroughly, more even, the following is a filter cylinder vertical loading and lateral blow effect comparison 

Der-PE Series Central Type Cartridge Filter Dust Collector
(PTFE)Polyester coated filter cartridge
System adopts cartridge filter for PTFE polyester resin coated, the cartridge is a high-tech product, its micro porous structure can be obtained under the special conditions by the mechanical drawing, but not change its original features. Micro porous filter effect of pore size can be controlled in 0.2 to 0.3μm, filtering filter method belongs to the membrane surface. The membrane surface is smooth and excellent chemical stability, resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, aging and hydrophobic. the intercept dust on the membrane surface can be flake easily, its ventilation can keep for a long time in the same level. 

Due to the effect of filter cylinder is made of its smooth non-stick surface intercept dust, use of this feature can not only save pulse ash removal system of compressed air volume, and can avoid smoke to wear on the fabric abrasion, prolong the service life of the filter cartridge, at the same time provide the minimum and steady pressure drop for the equipment. Coated type filter tube area is large, small volume, reduce the energy loss, increase its airflow, to extend the time of maintenance-free, polyester coated filter cylinder is the best choice of the welding smoke and dust collection system. 

(PTFE)Polyester coated filter cartridge has the following features: 

(1) High efficiency of dust catcher: filter element of the dust removal efficiency is determined by its own unique structure and coating, applicable to very fine and special dust, usually to ultra fine dust above 0.3μm can reach dust removal efficiency > 99.8%. Due to welding, cutting dust particles most above 0.2 microns in diameter, so especially suitable for metal welding and cutting of purification filter. 

(2) the stability pressure loss: as the cartridge filter is through PTFE coating on the surface of the filter cartridge to capture the dust, its smooth surface make dust very difficult to pass through and stay, filtering cylinder matrix layer won't happen jam phenomenon, resistance loss is only related to filtering wind speed. 

(3) (PTFE) membrane, have the function of the flame retardant. 

(4) Dust cleaning effect is good, the rigid structure makes the pulse counter blowing air gap to overflowing process, and cartridge filter without deformation, the dust sticker on surface can be removed in a flash. 

(5) Service life can reach 1 ~ 2 years, greatly reduces the times of the cartridge replacement; Filter cartridge failure-free operation time is long, don't need regular maintenance. 

Der-PE Series Central Type Cartridge Filter Dust Collector
Project Case
Der-PE Series Central Type Cartridge Filter Dust Collector
Der-PE Series Central Type Cartridge Filter Dust CollectorDer-PE Series Central Type Cartridge Filter Dust Collector

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