Filter (Utr Top Loaded Pulse Pleated Filter Cartridge)

Filter CartridgeFeature:1. Imported long fiber polyester filter material with tight pore structure,excellent moisture resistance2. Easy to clean3. Durable and rigid material,washable greater withstanding performance 

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Filter Cartridge

1. Imported long fiber polyester filter material with tight pore structure,excellent moisture resistance
2. Easy to clean
3. Durable and rigid material,washable greater withstanding performance to pulse jet than traditional materials.
4. Electrochemical plate top and bottom,no rust perforated zinc galvanized metal inner core allows good airflow
5. Rubber gasket ensure airtight sealing
6. Applicable temperature:93~135ºC

Optional after-treatment:
PTFE, anti-static, waterproof and anti-oil treatment.
UTR ModelCover MaterialTube Sheet H.D (mm)Top Cover O.D (mm)Bottom Cover    O.D (mm)Filtration Surface/1mFiltration Surface/2m
TR/LU 133PolyurethaneΦ133φ142φ1202.0m²4.0m²
TR/LU 153PolyurethaneΦ153φ160φ1402.1m²4.3m²
TR/LU 159PolyurethaneΦ159φ169φ1452.3m²4.6m²
TR/LU 162PolyurethaneΦ162φ169φ1502.3m²4.6m²

Filter Cartridge (Utr Top Loaded Pulse Pleated Filter Cartridge)Filter Cartridge (Utr Top Loaded Pulse Pleated Filter Cartridge)

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