Industrial Filter Cartridges for RO Systems

       Item     No.of  Cartridges        A          B         C         D          EZTDX-1R10     1*10''      &

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     No.of  Cartridges        A          B         C         D          E
ZTDX-1R10     1*10''       708     300       102       260       210
ZTDX-1R20     1*20''       958     550       102      260      210
ZTDX-1R30     1*30''       1208     800       102      260      210
ZTDX-1R40     1*40''      1408     1000       102      260     210

Jhenten single  cartridge sanitary  filter housing Surfaces are polished to 0.3μm Ra for fast and easy surface  cleaning, which minimizes the risk of contamination, improves cleanability and enhances corrosion resistance.sanitary vents and drains facilitate sampling,integrity testing,venting,safe and easy draining. proper O-ring seal for 222 or 226 single -open-end element seals. 
optional sanitary drain  and vent valves enable complete drainage of liquids after filtration and simplify filter  removal
Typical application
Food &Beverage
Medical &medical Device
Chemical and painting industrial filtration
                   Name                      Inner
        Max Operate Pressure                      1.0
        Max operate temperature                     110ºC
  Pressure tolerance  on weld                     0.85
      Corrosion  by   acid                        0

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