Long Pulse Jet Polyester Filter Air Filter

Long Pulse Jet Polyester Cartridge Filter Air Filter Cartridge 1) Specifications:1.Imported Material,Exquisite craftmanship 2.Strong technical support and strict quality control for filter 3.Short lead time.(1).Size Available:Cover materialTop coverO.D(mm)Bottom coverO.D(mm)Filtration surface/1mFiltration surface/

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Long Pulse Jet Polyester Cartridge Filter Air Filter Cartridge 
1) Specifications:
1.Imported Material,Exquisite craftmanship 
2.Strong technical support and strict quality control for filter 
3.Short lead time.
(1).Size Available:
Cover materialTop cover
Bottom cover
Filtration surface/1mFiltration surface/2m
Rubber top and metal bottom1051241.4m22.7m2
Rubber top and metal bottom1281532.3m24.6m2

(2).Air Filter Cartridge Type:
 1.High temperature Air Filter Cartridge(Flame Resistant Filter Cartridge)
 2.Poleyster Air filter cartridge
 3.Top loaded air filter cartridge
 4.Bottom loaded filter cartridge
 5.PTFE coated poleyster filter cartridge
 6.Cellulose air filter cartridge

(3)Anti-static filter:
1.Water proof and anti-oil filter cartridge
2.Painting room air filter cartridge
3.Welding smoking air filter cartridge
4.Vacuum cleaner filter cartridge
5.Steel plate pre-processing filter cartridge
6.Gas turbine air intake filter cartridge
7.Tabacco field filter cartridge
8.Square chuck air filter cartridge.

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